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NC PPS Unarmed Basic Security Officer Training

NC PPS Unarmed Basic Security Officer Training 16 Hrs. 


This training is the required training for all Security Officers in the State of North Carolina. This training includes the following objectives:


1. Security Officer of North Carolina 

2. Legal 

3 Emergency Response 

4. Communications

5. Patrol Proceedures

6. Field Note Taking and Report Writing 

7. Professional Ethics and Standards (Deportment) 


NC PPS Unarmed Armored Car Training 

Applicants for an unarmed armored car service guard registration shall complete a basic training course for unarmed armored car service guards within 30 days from the date of permanent hire. The course shall consist of a minimum of 16 hours of classroom instruction including:


(1) The Security Officer in North Carolina – (minimum of one hour);

(2) Legal Issues for Security Officers – (minimum of three hours);

(3) Deportment – (minimum of one hour);

(4) Armored Security Operations – (minimum of five hours);

(5) Emergency Situations – (minimum of three hours); and

(6) Safe Driver Training – (minimum of three hours);

NC PPS Firearms Training Course


                The security officer must have completed the 16 hr. PPS "Basic Security Officer Training Course" The security officer will attend the 20 Hr. ( 3 Day) "PPS Firearms Training" The blocks of instruction are as follows:


1. Legal Issues

2. Safety

3. Handgun Operation

4. Maintenance 

5. Marksmanship Fundamentals

6. Night Firing


Once completed the security will receive a certificate of completion after passing a written exam and firearm qualification.


Firearms Qualification:

The security officer must pass with a 200 points/80% of the daytime and nighttime course of fire. 



At the completion of training, the security officer may work armed with a copy of their application and firearm certificate. These documents must be kept on their person while on duty. 


What you need to bring to class:


1. 400 Rounds of handgun ammo

2. semi automatic handgun or revolver 

3. Magazines or Speed-loaders with pouches 

4. Belt

5. Ball Cap

6. Proof of ID ( Drivers  License, State ID, Passport, Millitary ID will only be accepted) 

7. Flashlight




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